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          There they all lay, those autumn leaves – scattered carelessly upon the ground, tossed around by the wind and trampled on by our feet. Having fallen, they evoke a sense of loss and decay – of the fleeting nature of life. Indeed, the world is in a constant state of flux. It is to us imperfect and chaotic, and we are powerless to stop it – helpless in the face of life’s indifference. 

          And yet, with death comes life. Everything has its opposite – perhaps we can only understand the world through these opposites. Without horror we would not know beauty. Without hate, there would be no love. With happiness comes sorrow – and with the beautiful, the melancholic...

          Each camera-less print in this series is unique. They are photograms – made using various forms of fallen and decaying plant-life found within my surrounding environment.

          This project explores the impermanence of life, and the notions of loss and fragility. It explores as well the tension between photography and its attempt to fix that which is unfixable.

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