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Camera-less artist & photographer

          Louise Coates is an artist currently based in Brighton. Although most often photographic in nature, her creative practice habitually embraces and is inspired by a range of artistic mediums, questioning the limits of the photographic medium itself. She produces contemplative images that have materialised as a direct result of her continued experimentation and investigation into the intricacies of the medium.          

          Louise recently completed a bachelor's degree at the University of Brighton, during which she continued to think critically about photography and hone her skills as a creative practitioner. She was awarded a bursary by the University for her creative and academic achievement during the first year of the course, using this money to develop her practice throughout the next two years of the degree.

          Quiet by nature, Louise often delves into philosophical thought, creating conceptual and poetic works that deal with the nature of photography, temporality and the human condition. A process-led photographer and artist, her practice continues to be inspired by both historic and alternative photographic techniques. Most notably, Louise has explored the space of the darkroom, producing camera-less images resulting from vigorous experimentation and a relentless curiosity about light and light-sensitive materials.

          Louise's creative practice can now be described as an attempt to strip photography down to its most fundamental characteristics - light and time. By working purely with light and light-sensitive paper, she has been able to explore the depths of the medium - to delve into photography's core.


University of Brighton

BA (Hons) Photography

Exeter College

UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

Exeter College


2017 - 2020


2014 - 2016


Awarded a bursary by the University of Brighton

for creative & academic achievement




University of Brighton - Online Grad Show

June 2020

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